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Check out Our Wide Selection of Designer Eyeglasses in Bowmanville!

Since 1981, patients of all ages have visited Dr. James Stevenson as their trusted Optometrist
in Bowmanville and his staff to provide the perfect piece of eyeglasses in Bowmanville and pairing it with the perfect piece of eyewear to suit their lifestyle and their budget. We have a wide selection of glasses and frames in Bowmanville from major labels to complement any face.  Visit our showroom in Bowmanville for your best pair of eyeglasses! 



Care Tips for Your Eyeglasses 

We offer eye care solutions for people of all ages to help them see the world clearly. We hear our patients complaining that their eyeglasses get scratched and damaged. Here are some tips that can help you avoid damaging your lens and keep them scratch and smudge-free: 

  • If you use cleaning products, make sure you use something specifically made for eyeglasses as other chemicals can cause damage to protective layers that might be present on the lens. 
  • Don’t use things like paper towels, tissues or napkins to wipe the lenses as they can be abrasive as well. 

Contact us today and get the eyeglasses you like in Bowmanville. We can help you get the right lenses and frames for you so that you can get a comfortable fit. 


We provide different kinds of lenses depending on what’s right for you, and can pair them with the perfect glasses in Bowmanville, for a style you can’t go wrong with. From bold designs to traditional eyeglasses, you’re sure to find something you love when you visit us in Bowmanville.

Apart from eyeglass, you can also contact us for contact lenses and laser consultations.
Get in touch with us today if you are looking for that perfect pair of eyeglasses in Bowmanville.

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