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60 Liberty St S Suite 102
Liberty Health Centre
Bowmanville, ON, L1C 2N5

Diagnosis & Treatment of Vision Conditions by Your Eye Doctor in Bowmanville

From enjoying the exquisite colours of the sunrise to reading your child's homework, you depend on your eyes every single day. Your sense of sight informs you, warns you of danger, and helps you discern your surroundings. But, when genetics or age get in the way of your eyes' functionality, where can you turn? You need professional help to restore your vision.


Experienced Eye Doctor in Bowmanville and Clarington

For a variety of eye conditions, Dr. James Stevenson provides optometry services for Clarington and the greater Bowmanville region. When you need an eye doctor for a routine examination, an updated prescription or a complicated diagnosis, you can depend on our professional training to deliver a solution that works for you.


Discover Our Expert Services

Since 1981, our office has proudly treated individuals and families for better vision and health. Some of our services include:

  • Eye exams
  • Screenings for eye allergies
  • Diagnosis for vision problems caused by computer screens


After we discover your vision needs, we can also fit you for eyewear or contact lenses or offer you a consultation for laser eye surgery.


Let Us Treat Your Vision Problems

Our eye doctor also has experience diagnosing and treating the following conditions:


Our clinic provides patient-focused care to accurately diagnose your problem and inform you of treatment options and potential risks. After the initial consultation, you will set follow-up appointments with Dr. Stevenson to repair your damaged vision.


Contact Our Eye Doctor in Bowmanville

When you need an eye appointment, call our clinic in Clarington 905-623-6110. Our trained staff will help you set an appointment for a vision screening and fill out the necessary paperwork. You can also reach us through our online contact form for questions, comments or online payment information.

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